How do I record a video banter?

Bantering should feel like an authentic conversation, and we've designed the experience to foster authentic behavior.

Sending a video banter is easy. Just hold down the record button, start talking, and let go to send! Your banter will be sent automatically when you are finished. No need to strive for perfection, we like you better naturally.

A few tricks to help:

  • To restart your banter, swipe the button to the TRASH CAN on the left, and you'll go back to the recording screen to try again.
  • To record without holding the button, swipe it to LOCK on the right. It will continue recording until you tap the record button again to stop. It will send as soon as you stop recording.
  • To record with your rear-facing camera, tap the camera icon in the upper right before you start recording.
  • Banters can be up to 30 seconds long. You can see the recording progress bar at the top of the screen to know when you are running out of time. If the recording reaches 30 seconds, it will automatically send.