Getting the most out of conversations

This is where the banter happens! Banter lets you communicate in your own style, with video, audio, text, photos, documents, and links.
Sending banters
  • Tap the video button to launch the recording screen. Hold to record, let go to send.
  • Hold the microphone button to record an audio banter. Let go to send.
  • Tap the paperclip to upload photos, or documents, or take a photo. Type additional text to go with the attachment. You can upload up to 4 at a time.

Consuming banters:

  • Banters that are bold with a blue line on the left are unread. Tap the banter or transcript to view it and mark it as read.
  • Tap a thumbnail to play video or audio banters or open a photo or document.
  • Tap a transcript to read the full text.
  • Touch and hold a banter to add a reaction.
  • Touch and hold your own banters to view reactions or delete the banter.
  • In a group conversation, tap the conversation name to see all of the members.